Carlos Brown (born February 10, 1993), known professionally as Thatboiilosa, is an American rapper from Savannah, GA. He rose to prominence after releasing his 2017 song “No Love.” Thatboiilosa launched his career alongside Prince Ty and JessyJ in the hip-hop group PBG.

Early Life

Thatboiilosa was born february 10, 1993, in Savannah. He was a young inspiring artist as a teenager while attending Windsor Forest High School.

Growing up he was a part of his grandmother’s church’s choir, as a result, Brown initially wanted to be a singer, but after losing his voice, he decided to switch to rap. He also considered the stage name “Thatboiilosa”. His aunt helped him with the name by calling him losa. He is the oldest out of 5 children born on her mother’s side.


In 2014, Brown released the solo singles “Molly” and “Never Had That” and appeared on the PBG mixtape The Wait. The mixtape was referenced at the beginning of Losa’s 2017 solo single “No Love.” His first EP “No Love” was released in December of 2017.



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