Chile! It seems like folks online are worried about Savannah James stepping a little further into the limelight! On Wednesday (March 27), she announced her new podcast, ‘Everybody’s Crazy,’ co-hosted by April McDaniel.

The podcast’s Instagram page shared a video teaser of the debut episode. In the short clip, Savannah is seen cheesing and giggling as she slowly caresses her podcast mic.

Then, James speaks a couple of words to April about testing the audio, and the clip cuts to a black screen encouraging fans to call in on release day, aka March 28.

Peep the trending teaser below. 

Lebron James wife Savannah James has announced her own podcast

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) March 28, 2024

Social Media Reacts To Savannah James’ New Podcast

Once Savannah James’ candid smile and carefree expression made it onto X (formerly Twitter), the reactions were all over the place.

Despite her husband, LeBron, being an A-list celebrity and NBA history maker, Savannah James has largely managed to bop and weave the limelight. She’s welcomed and is raising three children with James.

In recent years, she’s gone viral over select pieces of content, mainly centered on their youngest child, Zhuri.

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However, this podcast will be the first time in almost two decades of her marriage that her voice will be front and center. From the title of the project, it seems like Savannah will be getting personal with listeners.

Keep scrolling to see how X users are cuttin’ up at the teaser clip of the new podcast.

Idk if Savannah should’ve gone the podcast route to introduce her personality in the fold. That’s jumping in the deep for somebody who minimally speaks in public

— The Neighborhood Publicist (@nhoodpublicist) March 28, 2024

Men being upset about Savannah James having a podcast is nasty work. A lot of men really only see women as objects. Saying she will “ruin the illusion” is crazy. She’s a whole human. With opinions and emotions and they don’t have to fit anyone’s “illusion”

— no name (@astromamii_) March 28, 2024

Yall ASSumed Savannah James was some cute little church mother.

Yall don’t know that lady

— RayBay (@MsRayBay) March 28, 2024

I do not want Savannah James to become unlikeable. She one of the last few great representations of prominent Black Women we got left.

— Paris (@_ParadiseParis1) March 28, 2024

Savannah James podcast is 9/11 for the men who have managed to convince themselves and each other that there’s no good women left (instead of entertaining the possibility that they simply cannot attract or keep good women, and that they get exactly what they’re qualified for.…

— Loni (@AmazonLoni) March 28, 2024

Savannah James ain’t said two words on her podcast yet and yall already acting strange man lmfaooo

— ille$t. (@illwillie_) March 28, 2024

It’s quite obvious yall loved Savannah James mainly bc she was “seen but rarely heard” .. yall went crazy in putting her on a pedestal for “never taking pictures w men” (which was OBVIOUSLY untrue ) .. but yall getting ready to tear her down. You can see the shift. It’s gross.

— indi (@xoMINDIxo1) March 28, 2024

Savannah James hasn’t said anything on her podcast yet & did a little ASMR; folks are already acting goofy.

“She’s going to ruin the illusion” like she owes you anything. She’s married to LeBron. She don’t care bout y’all

— Joshua Sánchez (@jnsanchez) March 28, 2024

How mfs reacting to Savannah James just being herself on a podcast

— SheBelongToTheStreets (@SheBelong2DStrT) March 28, 2024

Savannah doing a podcast is absolutely the worst idea, they’re gonna nitpick every little thing she says and turn on her like they did that woman that cook from scratch.

— Juju (@JuJuBreauxD) March 28, 2024

“What’s your crazy? ” Savannah please don’t do this i’m begging

— don demarco (@myfaultOG23) March 28, 2024

“ Savannah James starting a podcast isn’t a good look. It’s ruining her perceived image “

— John (@iam_johnw) March 28, 2024

Somebody once said “Men only find Savannah James so attractive because she never speaks” and well

— O-ren Ishii (@HOTDamnnDanni) March 28, 2024

Meanwhile, LeBron went viral earlier this month for his courtside interaction with a female owner of the Los Angeles Lakers and the franchise executive director.

No clues at this time about whether Savannah James plans to address that on ‘Everbody’s Crazy,’ but only time will tell!

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