Ludacris is sharing his thoughts and speaking on the comments Katt Williams made about him during his viral interview with Shannon Sharpe.

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Here’s What Ludacris Said About Katt Williams

On Monday, April 1, ‘The Breakfast Club’ uploaded a new interview with rapper Ludacris on YouTube. About eight minutes into their discussion, Charlamagne Tha God asked Luda if Katt Williams was ever offered his role in the ‘Fast & Furious’ films.

“No… he never — Not that I know of,” Luda responded, chuckling a bit. “You said, was he offered a role?”

From there, Charlamagne confirmed his question, adding that Williams made the allegation while speaking with Shannon Sharpe in January.

“…I thought he said, on ‘Cub Shay Shay,’ they offered him the role, but he didn’t take it because he wasn’t willing to do the compromising things that they needed him [to do] — allegedly,” Charlamagne explained.

“To answer your question, I wouldn’t be the right person to ask that question [to],” Ludacris responded. “I have no idea if he was offered a role in ‘Fast’ or not. [But] I do know that I saw him at Rick Ross’ crib some years back, and everything was perfectly fine. But he’s a comedian. He tells jokes, so it is what it is.”

At that point, Charlemagne asked Luda if he took offense to Williams’ and a comment the comedian made, calling the rapper’s wife “ugly.”

“Charlamage, it was so laughable what he said. That to me, I was like, I couldn’t believe what he was saying,” Luda explained. “I took it as laughable because he’s a comedian, and that’s why I kind of responded with some laughable stuff.”

Check out their conversation below.

Social Media Reacts

Users on YouTube reacted to Luda’s comments on Williams in the video’s comment section.

YouTube user @@Bmf214 wrote, Ludacris answered CTG beef making questions perfectly. Other people needs to start shutting him down in like manner.”

While YouTube user @@mtownboi4ya added, That’s media training AT ITS FINEST! it’s hard to catch Ludacris slipping…”

YouTube user @@soar12 wrote,Luda kept it classy, dodge that Kat Williams question, smooth…”

While YouTube user @@qwoodz777 added, Luda was one of the ppl Katt spoke on that caught a stray cuz he had no real reason to bring him or his wife u”

YouTube user @@nickbarkley1391 wrote, Katt Williams never said anything about him being offered anything in the Fast n Furious. He said that he and Luda were both given opportunities and tasks on some secret society s**t and that one of them would have to shave their sideburns and one of them(Luda) was going to get the FF opportunity and make millions from doing multiple sequels. That’s not verbatim what he said word for word, but that is what Katt said.”

While YouTube user @@jakendrickwilliams8101 added, “We are in April now and people are still talking about that Katt Williams interview.”

A Brief Recap Of The Back-And-Forth Between The Rapper & The Comedian

As The Shade Room previously reported, Williams sat down for an interview with Shannon Sharpe in January. Their conversation has since gone viral, garnering over 64 million views via YouTube.

At one point in the interview, Williams alleged he and Luda were invited to join the Illuminati. Additionally, they were each met with an alleged offer.

“So there was a crossroads where we were both invited to an Illuminati thing,” he explained. “And it had to be one or the other of us, and a decision had to be made… One of us had to cut off all they hair, and couldn’t do the side burn thing no more with the points, and the next person they said was going to $200 million because  they were gonna pay him $10 million a movie to do 20 movies…”

Ultimately, Williams explained that out of him and Luda, “one person ended up with a light-skinned, ugly-faced wife.” However, the comedian made sure to disclose that that outcome wasn’t his.

Katt Williams tells Shannon Sharpe that he turned down an offer from the Illuminati, but rapper and actor Ludacris accepted it.

He also speaks on Kevin Hart wearing a dress as a humiliation ritual.

Both Ludacris and Kevin Hart have been featured in multiple films making them…

— Shadow of Ezra (@ShadowofEzra) January 5, 2024

Once Luda apparently caught wind of Williams’ accusations, he dropped a freestyle with fiery bars seemingly aimed at the comedian.

However, Williams didn’t let up and fired back at the rapper with his spicy bars.

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