This week, Usher took the time to publicly criticize a content provider! The musician, who usually avoids internet rumors, lambasted the creator for claiming he wanted to thank the Devil during a recent address. In his rebuttal, Usher made it obvious that this was not the case. Here is what the content creator said about Usher. In a video made and posted by Instagram user Mark Hanalla (@youwontbelievemeofficial), the content creator claims that “Usher almost thanked the Devil for his award on live television.” The creator went on, “How come no one is talking about this? You cannot make this up. “Observe this.” The statements are a voiceover on a video of Usher’s NAACP speech from earlier this month. He earned the “Entertainer of thettps://” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> Here’s Who Popped Out & What Went Down At The 55th NAACP Image Awards (Videos)

During a moment in his speech, he paused at the start of a word beginning with the letter D. He said, “I’m very honored to be able to receive this amazing award from the de…from the depths of my soul.” 

In the comment section of the creator’s post, Usher slammed the claims, affirmed God as his “lord and savior,” and explained the pause in his speech.

“Get the hell outta here!!! GOD is my lord and savior…the DEVIL is a lie!! You got me f**ked up!! Not today sir…I never have time for this type sh*t but today, you gon hear this. So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart…” 

Usher continued, explaining that he “hates teleprompters” and during his speech, they had started to rush him.

“Everbody gets nervous, especially in this position. I was thanking the N Double A C P and shift to the depths of my soul…when my words got mixed. The devil is always at work…don’t let him use my boy. You terrible for even tryna share this.”

Swipe below to see Usher’s full response. 


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