Shaquille O’Neal says he wasn’t shooting his shot at Ice Spice in his Super Bowl social media caption.

TMZ reports, that the retired NBA player stated he was trying to “show her some respect” when he stated the rapper was “so dam fine.”

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After the Super Bowl, Shaq, 52, made headlines by posting photos of himself with Taylor Swift, Spice, and others. He captioned the flick, “and @icespice is so dam fine thanks @taylorswift.”

To many social media goers, it definitely sounded like the big man was trying to get with the Bronx native.

Shaq Denies Shooting His Shot

The Hall of Famer attempted to set the record straight on his ‘Big Podcast With Shaq.’ He stated that he met Spice when he visited Swift’s Allegiant Stadium suite during the Super Bowl. Shaq said he wanted to acknowledge the 24-year-old rapstress in the photo. He claimed he knew most of the attention would fall on Taylor.

“The reason why I put out the post with Ice Spice, not ’cause I was trying to flirt but I didn’t really blow her off, but I just wanted to show her some respect too,” Shaq claimed.

He continued, “That’s why I put the post up because I was there and it was all about, ‘Oh Shaq met Taylor’ and [Ice Spice] was in the picture.”

There were better ways to show respect than commenting on the ‘Think U The S*** (Fart)’ MC’s appearance but okay, Unc.

Diesel asserted he “don’t flirt like that.” He stated, “Just ’cause I say ‘hi’ don’t mean I’m tryna slid in the DMs.” 

Shaq double-downed during the interview, stating, “Ice Spice is fine as f*** by the way. She really hot.” In addition, he commented on her personality saying, “She was very nice.” 

Charlamagne Criticizes Shaq’s Caption

The Breakfast Club reported on Shaq pulling up. Stating they felt like the former Laker was a bit too seasoned for the young musical artist. Charlamagne said, “It’s just a little strange. You was in the league for about as long as Ice Spice has been alive.”

Jess Hilarious, said, “Ice Spice looks like his granddaughter in front of him.”

The morning hosts including DJ Envy burst into laughter. Jess added, “She still pose like North and Blue.” There is no word yet on whether Ice Spice has responded to Shaq’s compliment.

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