News broke on Thursday about Teyana Taylor filing a new motion against Iman Shumpert in their divorce proceedings. In an exclusive statement to The Shade Room, Teyana’s lawyer is clearing the air. Her lawyer is explaining the purpose behind the motion which mentions Iman’s alleged female friend.

For context, the singer’s lawyer requested that a child psychologist be allowed to testify about Iman allegedly hosting adult sleepovers with a female friend and her minor child. The expert is meant to explore how such actions can affect his and Teyana’s daughters, Junie and Rue.

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According to TMZ, who obtained the court documents, Teyana allegedly claimed that Iman hosted a female friend and her minor daughter while their daughters were in his care. Junie, in particular, reportedly had questions after allegedly witnessing Iman Shumpert and the unidentified female friend sharing a bed.

Junie was allegedly told that the woman and her child were staying with Iman because their home was “broken.” The woman and her child also allegedly spent time with Iman, Junie, and Rue at a SkyZone.

What Teyana Taylor’s Lawyer Said About New Motion Mentioning Iman Shumpert’s Alleged Love Life

In addition to Junie and Rue allegedly feeling “confused” by their daddy’s new bed buddy, Junie allegedly felt “extremely uncomfortable.” The children’s feelings and the potential impact of the adult sleepover reportedly drove Teyana to file the new motion.

The ‘Gonna Love You’ singer affirmed in the court documents that she saw the woman’s child during a Facetime check-in with her daughters. Furthermore, Taylor affirmed that she heard the woman’s voice in the background.

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As mentioned, The Shade Room spoke to Teyana’s attorney, and she exclusively tells us that the hope to have a child psychologist and their children’s teachers testify is primarily for the well-being of the kids.

Her lawyer clarified that Teyana is “not worried nor concerned about who her ex is dating.” But what is important to Teyana is “the safety of her kids, remaining aware of who is around them and what they’re exposed to, and ensuring neither party is being irresponsible or reckless.”

The attorney also asserted that if the roles were reversed, a mother would be deemed “unfit” in the event her child witnessed them sleeping in the bed with a male “friend.”

Furthermore, the child psychologist isn’t the only person Tey and her attorney are calling to the stand. They’re also aiming for Junie and Rue’s teachers to testify to their schooling and education. Meanwhile, a representative will speak on the children’s accommodations during work negotiations.

As previously reported, Teyana Taylor is seeking permanent primary physical custody, joint legal custody, and child support. At this time, per TMZ, Iman allegedly cares for their girls on the first and third weekends of the month and a “handful of Fridays.”

Teyana Maintains That She Intended Their Divorce To Be Private, But Iman Made It Public

Another point Teyana’s lawyer aimed to drive home: the singer has not given any public statements about the divorce proceedings — besides requesting privacy and clearing up half-stories.

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After details of their divorce went public in November, Teyana clarified on Instagram that the media “leaked [the information] to the public.” At the time, she clarified that protecting her family was her priority. She also asked for “privacy to resolve” their divorce “in peace.”

But the divorce updates have continued to spill into the headlines. That includes claims of Iman shutting off their home utilities and practicing negligent child care.

In the exclusive statement The Shade Room obtained, her lawyer maintains that she “has not spoken a word about the recent filings,” especially the female friend one.

Additionally, her lawyer doubled down that their divorce proceedings were never meant for the public eye. The reason they’re out there, the lawyer says, is on Iman.

“Teyana did not intend for this situation to be public in hopes to keep the peace, hence why she used their initials when she quietly filed for divorce. Iman filed a motion using their full legal names 11 months after they were able to keep the proceedings away from the public eye.”

Swipe below to see the exclusive statements from Teyana’s lawyer. 

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