A viral video of a woman behaving what some passengers called “erratically” has resulted in Spirit Airlines trending online, yet again. In footage circulating online, law enforcement is seen attempting to detain and remove the woman from the aircraft. While the officers attempt to detain her, the woman is recorded objecting, asking to have her handcuffs “let go.” 

The unnamed woman continues “Let this go. Can I do that with freedom? All I care about is freedom.

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During the attempted detainment, officers are overheard notifying the passenger that she is under arrest. To which she responds “That’s fine, I’ve been there before. I’m not scared.” While passengers erupted in laughter, the viral video is sparking conversation about mental health. Watch below. 

This Is What Roommates Had To Say About The Viral Video

“@ZoJea: This is a mental health and it’s nothing to joke about. There should be trained professionals there to help her; not police.

“@Atl_erob: Smh shit not funny at all as someone who battled mental health my whole life I pray she overcomes it and I know she will don’t give up love

“@Mindfuldiscoveryts: As a Licensed mental health therapist, watching people record a woman who is having a mental health crisis or even a manic episode and just record her a laugh hurts my soul. She is at her lowest and so are we as a society, welcome to 2024! SMH

“@Fumidesalvfold: Not funny, she’s having a complete mental breakdown down.

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While Spirit’s brand is known for affordable prices, the airline has also had a string of incidents that have garnered negative press. In this situation roomies, what do you think?


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