Mariah the Scientist is trending across social media platforms as of Thursday (March 28) morning because folks are assuming she was in a physical tussle.

A video of a woman who resembles the singer went viral on X (formerly Twitter). The clip, about 30 seconds long, shows a group of people seemingly separating two women. The environment looks to be a lounge or nightclub of some kind.

Folks seem to think Mariah the Scientist is the woman on the ground who let off a couple of kicks before standing up. While standing, the woman adjusted her clothes (jeans and a hoodie) while gripping a clump of hair in her hand.

Watch the NSFW video below.

Mariah The Scientist gets into fight with rapper Cleotrapa in a club

— Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) March 28, 2024

In January, Mariah also went viral after a video leaked that showed a private conversation between her and Young Thug. It appeared to take place around the Christmas holiday season, as she thanked the rapper for gifting her an icy necklace.

In the clip, she asks Thugger, “Daddy, am I your baby?” — a line that’s been included in memes and reaction videos ever since.

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Rapper Cleotrapa Denies She Was Fighting The Other Woman Believed To Be Mariah The Scientist (Exclusive Details)

At this time, Mariah the Scientist hasn’t returned The Shade Room’s request for comment. She also hasn’t addressed the situation on her social platforms. Despite her silence on the tussle allegations, folks online are running with the narrative that the woman throwing hands (and feet) could be Mariah.

why did i just wake up to mariah the scientist getting in a fight …

— grace (@4millys) March 28, 2024

Mariah the Scientist too pretty to be fighting… but shit pretty or not don’t let nobody disrespect you!

— Nee (@_Mariefml) March 28, 2024

Mariah the Scientist cancelling shows but out in ATL getting in bar fights is insane to me.

— (@_ColbyCheese) March 28, 2024

mariah the scientist could’ve did her show in stl while she outside being a wwe superstar.

— b. (@briarenee_) March 28, 2024


Some tweets, including the writing on the circulating clip, suggest the second woman involved could be rapper Cleotrapa.

cleotrapa just snook mariah the scientist in the club! get behind me mariah!

— jay z (@banshuntie) March 28, 2024

However, a publicist for Cleotrapa confirmed to The Shade Room that she is not one of the women seen in the clip. Her management Alicia Gooding released an exclusive statement to TSR addressing the allegations.

“Cleo is in New York working on the release of her ‘Von Dutch’ single and shooting the video. She wouldn’t have been in a physical altercation with her peers. So much work to do. There’s no way she could be in that fight.”

Swipe below to see the statement. 

Cleotrapa also took to X to seemingly clear her name in the incident.

“Now why tf would I swing on my fave! Y’all got 25 minutes to clean this tf up! Bunch of liars,” Cleotrapa wrote. Adding, “& I dream to be your foooooolllll,” in another post.

Now why tf would I swing on my fave! Y’all got 25 minutes to clean this tf up! Bunch of liars

— Muggy McGuire (@iamcleotrapa) March 28, 2024

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The exclusive statement from Cleotrapa’s management was first reported by The Shade Room Social Producer Jade Ashley

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